Goat Locker Racing is making a big impact in the lives of our Nation’s Warriors and First Responders.

PTSD and thoughts of suicide are very real. It can be a struggle for many. We combine the thrill of racing and a community built around supporting one another. A sense of camaraderie and belonging that brings us all together.

We have three main goals:

1) Provide a place to come race, and be around others who know what you are going through, and all this through virtual racing.

2) Equip our warriors with the equipment they need to hit the track with us. All of that is provided free of charge!

3) Operate a mobile simulator that we can take directly to the community. 

Please consider supporting us. We are driving to make a difference 



We are dedicated to providing a community where veterans and first responders can come find support and fuel their competitive spirit through our racing series. We will never charge a dime for that, however there is a cost. Through generous sponsorships, grants, and private donors we are able do just that, keep it free and remove the barrier of cost. All money goes right back into supporting our veterans and first responders along with their families in three different areas.

1) It costs around $10,000 per year to operate our online racing community. This includes all the broadcast and hosting fees. Along with giveaways of hats, shirts, and other swag throughout the year. along with that, trophies for our champions and winners of special events.

2) Racing simulators for our warriors. It costs $2500 to build one for a veteran or first responder. They get everything they need including a brand new PC, wheel and pedals, monitor, and all software. We have a goal of doing one of these a month. We are fortunate to have some great organizations that have stepped up and donated the money for us to build these. please Consider donating today and help us build the next one!

3) Operating our Mobile Simulator and setup. We want to engage our communities and get them involved. We want to reach more veterans, first responders, and families. We do that by going out to special events all over with our mobile setup. We have a 32’ race trailer, a real stock car, a racing simulator for people to get in and experience some speed therapy, and a full booth with swag. But again it costs to operate it. It is $10,000 just to build the simulator and then we have upkeep on the trailer and car plus travel. Your generous donations help us keep on the road spreading the word and getting people involved.